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Sustain Energy Solutions is the exertion of our director, Shakti Singh. He is the mind and the soul behind the Sustain Energy Solutions establishment and its humongous success.Shakti has been living in New Zealand since 2011. His interests lie in social service and serving his community and That is one reason he chooses this business to help his community by keeping kiwi’s houses Warmer and healthy through his business.

Our services are completely inclined towards achieving customers’ delight instead of mere satisfaction. With our highly dedicated and utterly professional staff, we provide you high-quality Insulation and installation services.

Professional and Courteous Services

Professional installation increases the performance of the thermal envelope.

We provide installation service to make your home a dream home. Our project specialists and professional installers work with you till the completion of your project. Our team has proper tools, and safety equipment’s to increase functionality. We assure timely completion of a project. Forget about leaks in installed installation with our professional service. We cover every corner of your home during installation.

Important points to remember during installation:

  • The higher the “R-Rating”, the more resistance to heat flow – the better your building will perform.
  • While installing fibrous insulation material, if there are any cracks, gaps, air voids or compression of the material, the insulating value can be reduced as much as 50 percent.
  • Do not try to DIY installation for Polyester insulation blanket where there are live wires. Extra care must be taken by professional while stapling underfloor which can be dangerous.
  • It is must for an installer to be equipped with proper tools and safety equipment like a dust mask, safety glasses, utility knife, taping knife, gloves, etc.
  • If there are electric cables in the loft, try to leave these exposed so that they can remain cold and chances of entering heat into the attic are minimum or zero.  If there is enough slack in them, gently raise them and put insulation underneath.
  • Check if the insulation is tucked in around the back and also around the wiring and pipes. If you don’t put the insulation on the back, the pipe could freeze in the wall.


We started our business in September 2016 with a vision to be the leader in domestic and commercial insulation market in Waikato. However, with the years of experience and success in Waikato and Auckland region, now we are looking forward to Nationwide expansion in near future.


To give you a better and healthy home to live in with our quality and timely services. We know that how much a home means to you. Sustain Energy Solutions understands that you have put your trust in us and we do whatever it takes to make you home warmer and healthier. At Sustain Energy Solutions, we use the modern technology with the combination of best products to give you the ultimate delight.

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