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ceiling insulation

Hot air rises. From third to half of it could be lost through the roof – if your ceiling is not insulated.
To make your home healthy and warmer the first step of insulation begins with the ceiling.
A ceiling insulation is essential to keep your home warmer in winters and cooler in summers.  

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We use proven ceiling products that provide long-lasting insulation and give significant manufacturing warranties

Polyester Ceiling Insulation

Our number one recommended insulation is polyester Insulation. It is the most versatile insulation. Mammoth offers a variety of options like Mammoth multi sections that fit between joists. Mammoth ceiling blanket that rolls out to cover your total ceiling and Mammoth Skillion Sections for confined roof spaces.

Also, we use it because it is Kiwi made. Its heat bonded polyester fibres enhance the thermal performance of the insulation.

You can rest assured that Mammoth contains no chemicals or itchy fibres that can be drawn into your home through ventilation systems, manholes or lighting fixtures.

With no usage of glues in the manufacturing process, it can remain soft, fluffy, and snug for many years to come.

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Knauf Earthwool Glasswool Ceiling Insulation

Our second recommended ceiling insulation is the Earthwool Glasswool.

It is made of sustainable, eco-friendly, and recycled glass.

The usage of ECOSE technology to make the glass a revolutionary binder based on renewable material instead of a petro-based chemicals.

Earthwool Glasswool Ceiling batts are a trusted brand. It provides a cost-effective thermal and acoustic barrier. The consistent quality, low dust and clean cutting resilience Glasswool makes installation fast.

Earthwool Glasswool Ceiling batts can be used in timber and metal frames in both residential and commercial structures.

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