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Check insulation – Checking for sufficient insulation is important for an energy-efficient and comfortable home for you and your family. Insufficient insulation, or gaps within insulation, can not only compromise the integrity of your home but can become a costly problem. Installing new insulation has many benefits but most important of all, it helps keep energy costs down during any season. After all, insulation is the first line of defence against the extreme cold and heat! It’s a solution you just can’t afford to ignore.


Change air filters often – By regularly changing your air filters, both your furnace and AC will run more efficiently, creating a comfortable environment within your home. Neglected air filters will become dirty, eventually obstructing air flow and making it more difficult for conditioned air to circulate. If continually ignored, clogged air filters can even become dangerous, leading to a potential fire hazard.


Double-check ductwork – Sealing leaky ductwork where necessary will not only increase the efficiency of your furnace but put money back in your pockets. Leaky ductwork can result in a 30 percent loss of heat! Don’t compromise your comfort and wallet with leaky ductwork, and if necessary, enlist a professional to help seal them.


When at home, set the thermostat as low as is comfortable – We know that as the weather becomes colder, it’s tempting to crank up the heat to offset the temperature outside.


Seal air leaks – Making a checklist to evaluate essential parts of your home for air leaks such as windows, door frames, basement, attic and exposed pipes can help identify areas in need of sealing. The more sealed your home is, the better your insulation works, keeping the furnace running efficiently and your house warm.