Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump Installtion

Heat Pump Installation

Sustain Energy Solutions is a leading Heat Pump Installation Company in New Zealand. We make sure that the system we install for our clients is perfectly fit to meet their needs.

There is an ongoing trend of installing heat pumps to meet all the temperature control requirements in both warm and cold weather. A lot of homeowners have switched to this system since it is energy efficient and cost-effective.

If you are wondering what a heat pump is, it is a system that works as a heater during the winter and air conditioner during the summer. The technology used for this system allows it to regulate the temperature as needed. During the cold winter months, the heat that is available in the air gets transferred indoors from the outdoors. Weather is found everywhere, even in freezing conditions. That available heat is what gets moved inside.

On warm summer days, we can expect the reverse to happen. The warm air from the inside gets transferred outside. This process is an efficient way of using an air conditioner since it uses existing weather conditions instead of using freons.

Aside from installing heat pumps, Sustain Energy Solutions also install insulation and air conditioners. We are with some of the best manufacturers/suppliers, and Our team is fully trained. This knowledge makes us the most sought-after insulation & heat pump installer in Auckland, Waikato & Bay of Plenty. We are also known for custom fitting our equipment based on the needs of our clients.

So; if you need to install a new heat pump or air conditioner, don’t hesitate to call us. We are the best Heat Pump Installation Company in New Zealand Just call 0800 111 785 to get the ball rolling.

Why the installation of heat pump is compulsory for rental properties?

  • As per the NZ healthy homes standards every house must have at least a heater in the living room that could heat the living room to 18C.
  • All the rental home must have a heating unit fixed by 2021.
  • Landlords who fail to comply with the new regulations are committing an unlawful act which may result in a penalty.

Our Heatpump Brands


Gree is a global leader in air-conditioners, developing some of the most advanced residential air-conditioners in the world.

Gree is No.1 air conditioner manufacturer in the world. Gree is No.1 global market share since 2005. Gree has a test facility that pre-tests all key components (compressors, fan motors, inverter drives) prior to use in the manufacturing line. Read more


Hitachi has the heat pump or air conditioning system to suit your home or business.
One of New Zealand’s fastest growing heat pump or air conditioning brand; featuring quiet operation, high efficiency and a super 6 Year Warranty on home installations. Read more

Why Sustain Energy Solutions?

  • Installation as per new standards – We provide an accurate and complete statement fulfilling all the requirement of the tenancy act to you and your tenant. It should include the installation which is done, which product is used, what will be the estimated life of the heat pump.
  • We use the quality product – We use the best heat pump available in New Zealand Market to give the best output through our excellent services.
  • Free Assessment for installation – We visit you for a Free Home Energy Assessment and provide an obligation-free quote on various heat pump brands.
  • Fast & Easy Installation – we provide you with a quick and perfect installation meeting all the criteria of the new tenancy act with our qualified professional installers.
  • Trained professional Installers – We have trained professional installer who are qualified and use proper tools to meet the Standards.

Our Service Area

Sustain Energy Solutions is providing heat pump or air conditioner installation service throughout Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

At Sustain Energy Solutions, We have an excellent team of professionals who specialise in installing a heat pump or air conditioner at your residential, rentals or commercial buildings. Talk to our heat pump installers and book your FREE energy assessment and no-obligation quote. Call us at 0800111785
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