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Insulation plays a crucial role in winters and as well as in summers. If you have better insulation for your home or office, then it helps to maintain the heat in winter and keeps it out during summer. Insulation also helps in reducing the energy bills. When it comes to keeping your beautiful home at an optimum climate for all year, there is no better solution than getting insulation for homes in New Zealand. We also provide the best R-value rating insulation in NZ. Our products are engineered to provide the best efficiency for your residential, rentals or commercial property insulation.

Insulation Types

Ceiling insulation

As we know hot air rises, so making most homes easier and cheaper to heat correctly starts with good ceiling insulation.  It also becomes the barrier to heat flow between your ceiling and roof tiles. You must choose a trained and professional team to upgrade install ceiling insulation because even very minor faults during installation can affect its performance or insulation and create safety hazards.

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Underfloor Insulation

If you choose good quality underfloor insulation then it makes your home more comfortable and lowers down your energy bills also.  There is estimated 12-14% heat loss through and un-insulated floor. So with the help of underfloor insulation, we can save a perfect amount of energy for our home.

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Wall Insulation:

Wall insulation is an essential part of insulation because it prevents a very major amount of heat loss during the winter. R-value is a perfect measurement of the effectiveness of your insulation. If you have the higher R-value, then more perfect will be your insulation. So we must always go for the insulation with thickness is equal to your wall cavity.

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