Landlords Insulation

Landlords Insulation

Landlords Insulation

Are you a landlord? Is your rental property complaint for insulation?

As per the Residential Tenancies Act, New Zealand, insulation must protect the tenants from heat, cold and should be safer for its residents.

Sustain Energy Solutions assist you in making your property ideal place to live for your tenant by providing professional Underfloor Insulation, Wall Insulation & Ceiling Insulation Solution. It adds value to your property as according to New Residential Tenancies Act it’s obligatory to insulate all the properties by 1 July 2019. Also, insulation by conductive foil banned in residential properties.

Sustain Energy Solutions provides comparatively cost-efficient insulation services for rental properties. Insulation offers a warmer house to your tenant and also protect the house from issues like mould and damp which help in maintaining good health. A perfect quality insulation helps keep the heat in during winters and out during Summers. 

Why is Insulation compulsory for Landlords?

  • Landlord’s who fails to comply with the new regulations are committing an unlawful act which may result in a penalty of up to $4000.
  • As per the law insulation of the ceiling and floor in all rental homes is compulsory. Insulation must comply with the regulations.
  • In the tenancy, agreement landlord has to disclose whether the property is insulated or not, along with the insulation type and the conditions.
  • The electrical conductive insulation which is also known as foil insulation is banned in all residences properties.

Why Sustain Energy Solutions?

  • Insulation Statement as per the Tenancy Act– We provide an accurate and complete statement fulfilling all the requirement of the tenancy act to you and your tenant. It should include the insulation which is done, which product is used, what will be the estimated life of the insulation.
  • We use the quality product– we use high-quality insulation product to give the best output through our excellent services.
  • As per New Zealand Standard– Insulation installed before 1 July 2016 that is not in a reasonable condition cannot be repaired; it must be replaced with insulation that meets the new standard.
  • Fast & Easy Insulation Installation– we provide you with a quick and perfect insulation meeting all the criteria of the new tenancy act with our qualified professional installers.
  • Trained professional Installers -We have trained professional installer who are qualified and use proper tools to meet the New Zealand insulation installation Standards.

Best Insulation Product

Sustain Energy Solutions has products for all your Insulation requirements whether it be for energy efficiency, comfort or structural durability. We have products for new and retrofit projects. All of the products that we use are from reputable manufacturers which meet New Zealand Standards. We can assist you with the right product, including the appropriate R-value and product type, to suit your requirements. We have GreenStuf Brand Insulation products and Earthwool Glasswool that comply with current environmental regulations. To help with the selection of best product for you, please call us on freephone 0800 111 785 or 07 859 3634

Customer friendly process

We offer you easy going and convenient process of insulation in a few easy steps:

  • Contact us and our team member will visit your rental property within 2-3 days.
  • Our team will thoroughly audit your property and let you know the new insulation requirements.
  • After inspecting we will offer you a quote to meet the tenant act requirements.
  • Once you are comfortable with the quoted price our installers will start the insulation.

Insulation Offers for Landlords

For more details please check our updated or ongoing offers page or feel free to call us on 0800 111 785. Our customer service will be happy to help you.

Additional Solutions – Heating & Ventilation

Sustain Energy Solutions provide additional solutions for rental properties such as heating & ventilation. Call us on freephone 0800 111 785 or 07 859 3634.

Have Questions? About getting insulation for rental properties. Our experts can help you. Call us on freephone 0800 111 785 or 07 859 3634.
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