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New Build Insulation Solutions

Insulate Your Home, Keep Warm and Save Energy Bill

When it comes to a newly built house, it is the most appropriate time to insulate it rightly. Insulation is said to be an important factor of a healthy home. It lowers the cost of warming and cooling at your home. We at Sustain Energy Solutions provide a professional and best roof, wall and underfloor insulation. We give you specialised service with our trained installers and quality products at a reasonable cost without any fuss. Thus maintains the appropriate temperature inside your house.

Why insulate your new build?

Refer our practical guide: How to prevent energy loss at the design stage.

Benefits Of Insulation


Save on Energy Bills: Energy efficiency or saving money is a top priority for almost every family residing in New Zealand. With the cost of living increasing and an upsurge in electricity bills, the ability to take back some control is a comforting thought. Almost 25% of the heat goes out through windows/doors of the premises, 25% through the roof, 35% through the wall and 15% through the floor.

The best and effective solution to minimise the home energy loss is to insulate your property correctly which in turn makes a dramatic impact on your power bills.


Stay Healthy: Health is precious. Staying healthy is very important for our family and us. With concerns over allergies, asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases, using healthy products is becoming a top priority for our families. Properly insulated homes not only stay warmer longer but stays drier too.


Be comfortable and protected: Insulating your home will make the living environment comfortable and healthier. Adding insulation to an existing home will control the temperature, and in places of extreme weather, it will make the living environment more comfy and enjoyable. Moreover, insulation will also act as a sound barrier and will protect your privacy. It will keep unwanted noise outside and the sounds from inside of your home from being audible outside.


Environmental benefits: Insulation provides the benefit of reducing environmental impact on your homes. When your home gets insulated, you will use less energy for heating as well as cooling your home. Insulation will result in reducing the release of chemicals into the environments from air-conditioning units.