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underfloor insulation

We pride ourselves in providing quality products for the homes of our clients
Nobody likes walking on cold floors. We at Sustain Energy know this more than anyone. Not just walking on cold floors is bad.

But did you know about a third of your home’s heat is lost through the floor? So underfloor insulation is just as important as wall and ceiling insulation.

Underfloor insulation can limit moisture from rising into the house from a wet or damp crawl space below. For a warmer room, it is important to cut that dampness from rising.

We can provide you with a free quote on whether you need a moisture barrier on the ground to eliminate excessive damp.

In addition, we can remove foil insulation which has lost its effectiveness by being old, rusted, dusty and tarnished before we install your underfloor insulation.

Polyester Underfloor Insulation

Polyester is the ultimate underfloor insulation. Mammoth is the only airlay, friction fit polyester insulation available in New Zealand.


The quality of insulation plays a major role in the effectiveness of insulation in your home. It’s important not to leave gaps, bunch up the insulation, stretch or compress it, or otherwise, there is a compromise on the thermal performance (R-value).

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