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Ventilation System

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A proper ventilation system is essential in the home. A ventilated home has ducting and fans to remove moist air in the room.

The best part of a ventilated home is once installed – it has low cost and it can stop crying windows that are caused in damp homes.

Why is it so essential to get your home to have a proper ventilation system?

Circulating fresh air creates a healthy environment for our loved ones. Clean air reduces the potential risk of getting infected by viruses, moulds, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

Drier air takes less energy to heat and is quicker to warm up. So whatever sort of home heating you have, adding a Sustain Energy home ventilation system will make it more efficient to heat and help make your home feel more comfortable and protect your loved ones from respiratory problems.

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Ventilation System from $1499

The positive pressure system works to create a drier home environment for you and your family.

How does a Positive Pressure System work?

The positive Pressure System works by drawing dry – often warm – air from your home’s roof cavity, taking it through a filter (such as installed by sustain energy solutions technicians) and distributing it throughout your home via a fan and series of ducts.

For existing homes, we recommend using a positive pressure system because it forces stale, often repeated moisture-laden air out through gaps around doors and windows.

However, new homes are much more airtight. We recommend using a steady pressure system (HRV system) developed and modified by Sustain Energy Solutions.