Ventilation System

Ventilation System Installation

Ventilation System Installation

Sustain Energy Solutions is a leading ventilation system Installation Company in New Zealand. We make sure that the system we install for our clients is perfectly fit to meet their needs.

Every home needs to get rid of the moisture caused by everyday living. Our environment and the quality of the air we breathe in our home can be affected by the way we live, whether it’s moisture from our showers, drying our clothes, preparing food or even heating our home, without expelling these pollutants we run the risk of damp, condensation issues and allergies.

The ventilation system is an effective method of getting rid of unwanted odours and moisture, however, a centralised system will consume far less energy and requires less on-going maintenance.

Aside from installing ventilation, Sustain Energy Solutions also install insulation and heat pump. We are with some of the best manufacturers/suppliers, and Our team is fully trained. This knowledge makes us the most sought-after insulation, heat pump and ventilation installer in Auckland, Waikato & Bay of Plenty. We are also known for custom fitting our equipment based on the needs of our clients.

So; if you need to install a new ventilation system, don’t hesitate to call us. We are the best Ventilation Installation Company in New Zealand Just call 0800 111 785 to get the ball rolling.

Benefits of a Ventilation System

There’s no denying that fresh air is essential to humans – we need it to survive. In an ideal world, we would be outside all day long breathing in clean, pure air. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We often have to be inside in poorly ventilated spaces, which can be detrimental to our health. It is important to have well-ventilated rooms at home and in the workplace. Here’s why.

  1. Control impurities
    You may think that the air quality where you live isn’t great, but it is often the case that the air inside is more polluted than the air outside. A good ventilation system will help expel a build-up of pollutants, bacteria, moisture and nasty whiffs such as body odour.
  2. Air regulation
    Unless you have a ventilation system in place, you have no control of the airflow in a building. Too much fresh air can mean costly energy bills, which is why good ventilation makes perfect sense in so many ways.
  3. Stop condensation
    Condensation can lead to mould and rotten surfaces – something you want to avoid. Damp conditions and condensation can cause health issues such as allergic reactions and respiratory problems for many people. Good ventilation will help reduce these risks.
  4. Reduce temperatures
    When lots of people are in confined space, the environment can become hot and stuffy. A ventilated room will instantly be more comfortable – making for a more productive workplace.
  5. Health benefits
    Indoor air pollution coupled with bad ventilation can lead to a number of health problems including headaches, allergies, asthma, rashes, hay fever and sinusitis. All of which can be avoided with the installation of a good ventilation system.

Why Sustain Energy Solutions?

  • Installation as per new standards – We provide an accurate and complete statement fulfilling all the requirement of the tenancy act to you and your tenant. It should include the installation which is done, which product is used, what will be the estimated life of the heat pump.
  • We use the quality product – We use the best heat pump available in New Zealand Market to give the best output through our excellent services.
  • Free Assessment for installation – We visit you for a Free Home Energy Assessment and provide an obligation-free quote on various heat pump brands.
  • Fast & Easy Installation – we provide you with a quick and perfect installation meeting all the criteria of the new tenancy act with our qualified professional installers.
  • Trained professional Installers – We have trained professional installer who is qualified and use proper tools to meet the Standards.

Our Service Area

Sustain Energy Solutions is providing ventilation system installation service throughout Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

At Sustain Energy Solutions, We have an excellent team of professionals who specialise in installing a ventilation at your residential, rentals or commercial buildings. Talk to our ventilation installers and book your FREE energy assessment and no-obligation quote. Call us at 0800111785

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