Poorly ventilated homes have relatively high humidity, polluted air, moisture and increased airborne pollutants inside your home. Severe health problems to members living in the home can be caused due to poorly ventilated homes. Moisture can damage your home structure. Home Ventilation System should have good quality Filter, ducts and should be able to pass Fresh Air accurately and should transfer Heat in proportion. The Zephyr System takes into account the desired temperature in the home so if it is warm enough in winter, or when operating during summer, air is brought in through the outside grill. The Zephyr Pure Air Ventilation System removes condensation and humidity by expelling the damp air and replacing it with dry air.

  • During summer Zephyr Pure Air Ventilation system will automatically bring cold outside air into the home and bring the temperature to a comfortable level.
  • The Zephyr Pure Air Ventilation System transfer heat from the roof through the HEPA filter into the home to increase the home temperature.
  • Remove dampness from house, and breath easily in a dry, allergen and pollen free home.
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