Wall Insulation


Wall Insulation

Wall insulation envelopes your home and help you keep warm. About 18-25% of heat is lost through walls if they don’t have insulation. Wall insulation is easy to install when building or renovating walls. Retrofitting wall insulation to an existing home is more complicated due to the barrier of your wall board. Insulating walls is mandatory when building a new home, it keeps your home warm and helps you cut your energy bills. People are confused about the choice of insulation material, whether to go for fibreglass or polyester insulation. Our team will assist you and professionals will install the insulation.

How to choose Bulk Insulation Products:

Various materials including polyester, wool, and fibreglass can be used to make Bulk Insulation.

  • The product should be intended for installation in walls.
  • Highest R-value is possible for the thickness of your walls.
  • Right width for spacing in your walls.
  • Compliant with the New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4859.1
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